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"“This book, a true story of heartbreak and success, really hits hard emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. 

Magdalina shares her sufferings with you, gives you the hard core truth about things, recounts how she overcame overwhelming adversities and heartbreak, and then tells you how you too can overcome the trials and tribulations that beset you when all seems hopeless. 

She gives you inspiration and advice and supports everything she says with fact from the greatest source/resource known to mankind—God and God’s word in the Bible. 

So if you want a good story, inspiration, motivation, or answers … you’ll find them in this book. “

- Grace M Grove, OK
"A great and simple read, both heart-wrenching and joyful at the same time. 
Both Magdalina and her book are beautiful and inspiring! 
The book offers a true testament that the darkest times turn to light with love, patience, and above all—faith. Those looking for love and those who have already found it can truly relate to not only the suffering in the journey of life but also the experiences of love, peace, and eternal happiness!”"

- Kelli A. Cape Coral, FL
First of all This book is a great read! What I love most about it are the many referenced to God’s faithful Word! 
I LOVE the Powerful prayers she included and also a glossary of scriptures! 
While reading I couldn’t help but feel that this book was confirmation that THE POWER OF PRAYER IS REAL!! 
OUR WORDS ARE SOOO POWERFUL AND all dreams can come true if you stand faithful to what you believe if it is Gods will according to HIS WORD. 
Not only could I relate to the author when it comes to desiring to be married but I can relate to her in believing that my career goals will come to fruition no matter how long it takes. 
This book is truly WAY more than relationship advice! 
You can use the reference to God’s Word in soooo many different ways and situations that require patience, obedience to God and unwavering Faith! 
GET THIS BOOK ! IF you have been praying for something and hoping for something no matter how big or small THIS BOOK will definitely help you keep the faith by giving you facts from the word of God and the authors living testimony! 
I am so happy for you Magdalina Sylvain! Thank you for your testimony! It reminds me of How awesome I know God is! Blessings and Love to you and the family!!”

- Taniya J., Queens NY
"“This novel is a heartwarming autobiography which is so exciting that, as you are reading it, you want to know what happens next as Magdalina journeys to find love and happiness. 
Her references to the Bible demonstrate how her faith in God and love for Him (both in her mind and in her heart) helped her and sustained her through her most difficult struggles. 
The novel shows how Magdalina self-reflected on her experiences and then in turn, she tells her audience how they too can use the bible (just as she did) to help them get through any difficult experience.” 

- Ebony T. New York
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